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Jim; twenty six, British, living down in sunny ol' Dorset. Gloriously ginger. I post an array of photography, art, architecture and journalism from around the world, including my own fractured mutterings and occasional creative outbursts.

There is no theme as such. It just is.

Always happy to reply to messages if people feel the urge, you know, for the messaging.

More of my own photography can be found here:
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  • Hi! It's World Book Night, so I'm asking people the following: 1) what are you reading at the moment? 2) what's your favourite book of all time? x

    Asked by zomzara

    Good question (I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of others too - just saying - hint).

    I’m currently reading the Songlines by Bruce Chatwin (great lover of non-fiction in this vein), and as to my favourite book of all time? More difficult, but the name that leapt to mind immediately was Norwegian Wood by Haurki Murakami.

    Yes, I am all too predictable.

    Happy World Book Night!

    (I had no idea this was a thing - you live and learn).

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