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Jim; twenty seven, British, living down in sunny ol' Dorset. Gloriously ginger. I post an array of photography, art, architecture and journalism from around the world, including my own fractured mutterings and occasional creative outbursts.

There is no theme as such. It just is.

Always happy to reply to messages if people feel the urge, you know, for the messaging.

More of my own photography can be found here:
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    Shots from a late summer morning - Wick, Dorset, August 2014.

    (As ever, more of my photography can be found here, I appreciate any and all feedback, and, though I love you all fiercely, please do try and refrain from removing the text/source if you reblog/share this post. Cheers! Jim).


    Deadline | Will Steacy | Via

    With the increased presence of large-scale media conglomerates and online news forums, the newspaper industry has taken a disastrous hit, yet over half of American citizens remain unaware of the trials now facing our trusted journalists and photographers. For Deadline, photographer Will Steacy confronts the brutal truth of contemporary news by photographing the historic offices of The Philadelphia Inquirer, where his father worked for decades.

    Capturing the frenzied scenes of the newsroom and printing plant, Steacy highlights the unwavering dedication of the Inquirer staff, whose commitment to reportage faces an uphill battle against larger media corporations. In these strewn papers and furrowed brows, we find a steadfast allegiance to integrity, a desire to inform the public of the sometimes disturbing truths that affect our lives. Set against the hustle and bustle of the newsroom are tragically empty spaces, rooms cleared out and abandoned through financial necessity. Ultimately, Deadline is an urgent call to action on behalf of not only those newspaper staff members left jobless but on behalf of our country and its citizens, our shared past, and an uncertain future.

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    The quotidian series

    Photography gives us the gift to wonder at everything, even at the most insignificant things and we must seize it.

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