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Jim; twenty seven, British, living down in sunny ol' Dorset. Gloriously ginger. I post an array of photography, art, architecture and journalism from around the world, including my own fractured mutterings and occasional creative outbursts.

There is no theme as such. It just is.

Always happy to reply to messages if people feel the urge, you know, for the messaging.

More of my own photography can be found here:
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    Under shadow- the Stour Valley Way,DorsetSeptember 2014

    (As ever, more of my photography can be found here, I appreciate any and all feedback, and, though I love you all fiercely, please do try and refrain from removing the text/source if you reblog/share this post. Cheers! Jim).


    “…I am also inevitably bereft of a clue as to what I am looking for in a partner. Upon considering, I always leap to breakfast. Not the shape, personality or passions of the fictional other, but breakfast. To be more accurate, the sharing of breakfast - to wake, laugh, sing and cook with another is to be more than comfortable in their company. To be with someone like that would be a fine thing - an ideal not tied to any particular characteristic, just a living simple happiness.”


    (Dammit, Jim. You’ve done it again. I recognize a priceless bit of writing when I see one.)

    Mandy, thank you for this; I don’t know if I’d agree with ‘priceless’, but I more than appreciate the sentiment. 

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