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Jim; twenty seven, British, living down in sunny ol' Dorset. Gloriously ginger. I post an array of photography, art, architecture and journalism from around the world, including my own fractured mutterings and occasional creative outbursts.

There is no theme as such. It just is.

Always happy to reply to messages if people feel the urge, you know, for the messaging.

More of my own photography can be found here:
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  • Spent a few hours wandering dejectedly through clothes shops - I need to procure new threads, but am at a loss as to what those threads should look like, or indeed if I should be using the term ‘threads’ unironically as much as I seem to be doing at the moment. 

    Needless to say, being a bit too thin and far too gangling, I am not exactly a clothes-horse; I make the attempt, trying on seemingly suitable clothes, innocent and hopeful as I do so, only to end up stood forlorn in a unforgiving mirror-lined cubicle, trying to figure out where the designers learnt about human anatomy….

    At least I am consistent, but still, I’m getting a little tired of stumbling about the place in faded shirts and ill-fitting trousers.

    Just catching up on the second season of Utopia; it remains beautifully shot, written and acted, cast in a rich and uneasy palette of colours…  

    Tumblr friends, consider this a recommendation.

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